A Symposium on Splitting Methods for Differential Equations

Institut de Matemàtiques i Aplicacions de Castelló (IMAC)        

September 6-8, 2010

Castellón, Spain


The symposium will take place at the Lecture Room TD1316 AA. It is located at the third floor of the ESTCE. It has a personal computer (windows)
and a video projector system plus a blackboard. In this map of the campus we have indicated the location of the Lecture Room and the Department of Mathematics / IMAC, in addition to the last stop of the tram and the main entrance to the ESTCE.

There will be two additional lecture rooms at the Department of Mathematics (see the map) for the participants. These are TI1313DS and TI1328DL.
Lecture Room TI1328DL has several PCs for the use of the participants. You will need to introduce the username and password provided (check your badge!).

Lunch and coffee breaks 

Lunch will be served at the main cafeteria, ground floor of the ESTCE, just opposite of the main entrance.
Cofee, tea, water and refreshments will be available outside the Lecture Room.
There is also a nice café open all day in the Jardí dels Sentits.

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